I've been taking pictures

And reading. The book, it says “Read this as if you’re not the passive participator in this exchange. Read this as if you’re going to teach it, to explain something about it to someone else who can benefit from it. Can you feel how it changes your experience? how receiving becomes a proactive state?”

The camera, it’s a phone camera, but a very good one. I enjoy playing around with it much more than expected. I've always thought becoming used to this habit might damage the purity of precious moments, pulling me into commenting on and documenting my life instead of living it, in it.

It’s probably true, as things tend to be when they are also wrong. But today, when I was making my way through the alleys of Oaxaca, holding my little embarrassing tourist device, I realized that something transformed in a meaningful way. I became more alert, adventurous, open. Even humbled. Not as self involved.

The possibility of sharing a story, of forwarding a fraction of life to someone who wasn’t there didn’t seem as artificial anymore, as it didn’t only change the experience of living the story; it had the power to change the story itself.