Galia on Katie Dalebout's "Let It Out" Podcast

FULL SHOW NOTES: I recorded this interview a few months ago and re-listening to it reminded me how much I loved this conversation, it is so aligned with the direction I want this podcast to move into. Galia is an inspiring writer, director, and actress originally from Israel and now living in NYC.

True Artist

Excerpts from an interview with Galia in a documentary for "True Artist" by Brittany Buongiorno and Yunha Moh, discussing creating original content and sources of inspiration.

Spirited Melancholy by GetClassical

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"Barkol dares to ask tough questions about our existential nature: who are we, really, when we are stripped of others’ preconceived expectations of us and our own? How are we labeled by our chosen path, and how can we recover the true essence of our being independent of that course?"

(re)Searh My Trash Interview

"What’s interesting and subtle about Origami is that the model you see – as complex as it might be – is not the truth or the core of the object; it’s just one of many possible expressions of that piece of paper, just as being a dancer is of that woman. Particularly in Origami, you rarely cut or glue or manipulate the paper in any way – you take its basic features as a given and work with them. When it comes to people, it’s harder to respect that boundary." Full interview.